Youth Stages Home Celebrating 20 Years in 2016! Youth Photo
STAR Youth Stages is...
•  a great way to learn about great literature!
•  a fun way to bring historical figures to life!
•  a unique way to explore museum exhibits!
•  a memorable participatory children's theater experience!
•  a fabulous provider of drama classes for kids!
•  a terrific source for interactive acting classes for teens!
  How can Youth Stages do all this?
By enacting events and situations, dramatizing stories, playing other characters! The dramatic arts are an active, engaging way of involving students in lesson plans.

In this, the communication age, kids need the tools to communicate with each other on a social and personal level. The dramatic arts provide children with scenes and situations to try out language and test strategies... and to run the scene again if they don't like the outcome!!

Children learn by doing. Youth Stages programs have children up and doing...and learning while they're at it!

Tiger  Bug
Couple  Masks
Youth Stages always does such a good job - I have never been disappointed. Thanks so much for the years of entertainment you have provided for us.
Mary Jenkins,Middlesex Public Library
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